NINGBO YIFENG is a medium-sized factory in mould developing and hardware pressing business, located in Ningbo, China. Established in 2014, YIFENG produces and manufactures mainly GI duct accessories and ventilation terminal product. We also export tailor-made stamping die and tooling directly to the end-users in USA. With the produce efficiency and high-quality products to the customer, YIFENG has gained the first step into the international world in HVAC field. 

YIFENG is equipped with several-sized pressing machines, with ability of 50~250 tons pressing. Our main products are 30+ different types of GI corners, G-clamp; 2 widths of stainless steel clamp band, multi-clamps and Speed clamps; Kinds of sizes and materials of duct flexible connector; Self-adhesive pins, accessories for kinds of dampers, etc.

We have now exported to more than 15 countries and won the market by our high quality, expert on products, fast delivery, timely response and competitive offers. besides the main items mentioned above, we are also willing to develop new metal products with our customer, in HVAC, or Solar, photovoltaic field as well.